May all who enter as guests leave our home as friends….

Here are some interesting facts about Morocco…

  • Kissing on the cheeks is a usual manner of greeting among Moroccans. The closer your relationship with a person is, the more kisses you exchange
  •  Of course, you may work with people of the opposite sex, but if you meet them outside the office, you have to pretend they are strangers.
  •  In traditional Moroccan culture, the liver – not the heart – is the symbol for true love.
  • The world’s oldest continuously functioning university is the University of Al-Karouine in Fez. It was established in 859 AD.

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  • Amber Dannhauser
    Posted on September 21, 2014 at 6:45 pm

    We needed a place to stay at the last minute and under unexpected circumstances. The warmth, ambiance and family-like hospitlaity that we received at the Wardrobe Guest House were so welcome to both body [long and lingering breafasts!!!] and soul. We would highly recommend the Wardrobe Guest House to any businessman, tourist or family with small kids like ourselves.


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