Relax on the patio

The Wardrobe

09 June 2020

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The patio is shaded by a canopy of bougainvilleas making it an ideal spot to relax in the warm summer months and getting enough sun in the afternoons during winter. The patio has seen many birthdays and other celebrations. It is ideal for smaller functions and being next to the braai facilities and pizza oven, guests can build their own pizza or grill meat on the open fire. 

Stay with us and enjoy a stay nothing short of exceptional. Walking under the canopy of the old Jakaranda trees one can forget about the noise of the modern city.

A lovely area to meet up with friends or relax

Relax on the patio with a book and a good cup of coffee and tea. Black coffee or qahwa kahla is taken Turkish-style in Morocco. Qahwa meherris is coffee with a dab of milk. The opposite is helib meherris: milk with a dab of coffee. In between these two are qahwa nus-nus: half coffee, half milk; and of course, café au lait (qahwa helib).

Interesting facts about Morocco

We have a saying here at the The Wardrobe:

“May all who enter as guests leave our home as friends….”

Whilst writing about friends, here are some interesting facts about Morocco:

Kissing on the cheeks is a usual manner of greeting among Moroccans. The closer your relationship with a person is, the more kisses you exchange. Of course, you may work with people of the opposite sex, but if you meet them outside the office, you have to pretend they are strangers.


In traditional Moroccan culture, the liver – not the heart – is the symbol for true love.


The world’s oldest continuously functioning university is the University of Al-Karouine in Fez. It was established in 859 AD.